plus History
E.S.S Consulting Engineers company established in 2003 to offer a wide range of engineering consultancy, design and supervision services in order to respond the professional needs of the country and has continued its activities in extensive professional fields proportional to the requirements by expanding its organization. The company is capable of providing distinctive engineering and design services to its clients through preserving engineering ethics and values which are embedded in its goals and by enjoying the experience and efficiency of its experienced manpower.

The human resources of the company possess a high level of professional education, effective experiences in the relevant fields of work and commitment to the professional ethics and organizational values. They have always tried to maintain the quality of the projects and decisively adhere to the professional and technical principles and assist the company in achieving its organizational goals.

Acquiring the “Competence Certificate of Consulting Services” in the field of structure and testimonials from clients for accomplished projects, indicate that the company is committed to its obligations to carry out the assigned duties with high quality and efficiency.